Computers in Everyday Life (QQI Level 3)

1 evening/1 morning per week

Duration 12 weeks



This course will provide support to individuals to develop their computer skills and abilities. Successful completion will lead to a FETAC Level 3 Award in Computer Literacy 3N0881.


Learners who successfully complete this module will:

  • Improve keyboard skills.
  • Demonstrate good work habits in the use and care of the computer and related equipment.
  • Gain an understanding of common IT terminology and jargon associated with Computers today.

Entry Requirements: No previous qualifications are required.

Course Content

Information Technology Concepts and Terminology


Ø  Describe the component parts of a computer system.

Ø  Describe the uses of common software applications.

Ø  Understanding the terms Hardware/Software.

Ø  Understanding Input and Output devices.


Introduction to Word Processing


Ø  Load a word-processing system.

Ø  Key in text to specification.

Ø  Enhance text.

Ø  Print a document.

Ø  Exit from software.


IT and Information Security


Ø  Identify areas of everyday life where the learner interacts with computers.

Ø  Understanding the terms antivirus/passwords

Ø  Data Protection Act 1998 -2003


Health and Safety with Computers


Ø  Health and Safety while using the computer

Ø  RSI, strain injury and stress in relation to the computer

Ø  Operate computer, with due attention to safety procedures.



*Assessment in form of a portfolio and Skills Demonstration