Introduction to Computers

1 morning per week / 1 evening per week

Duration 6 weeks



This popular course is for people who do not use computers in their daily life but would like to learn. It includes basic keyboard skills, Microsoft word basics, sending and receiving e-mail messages, using the Internet to carry out common tasks.

Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify Computer hardware and software parts
  • Turn on and off the computer using the correct steps
  • Understand terms like- The desktop, icons, task bar, toolbars, menus
  • Use MS word to create documents
  • Use the Internet & email facility as a form of communication


Entry Requirements: None, no previous knowledge is assumed.


Course Content

Basics of a using a computer

–       Types of computer

–       Identifying components

–       Turning it on

–       Using the mouse

–       Click

–       Double click

–       Click ‘n drag

–       The keyboard


Desktop Overview

–       Understanding icons

–       Selecting & moving icons

–       The start button

–       Shutting down the computer



–       Identifying parts of window

–       Title bar – close, minimize, restore

–       Buttons, scroll bars, taskbar menus


Creating A Document – Ms Word

–       The word window

–       Insertion point, selecting and entering text

–       Cut, copy and paste

–       Formatting a document

–       Saving, printing


The Internet

–       World Wide Web, web browser

–       Homepage definitions

–       Back and forward search engines

–       Finding information

–       Sending e-mail

–       Email message fields – to, cc and subject

–       Receiving e-mail

–       Replying to and forwarding e-mail